How To Help My Child With Homework

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And, as registered psychologist and parenting educator Vanessa Lapointe explains, one of the parts of the brain that helps manage self-control doesn’t necessarily become functional until the child is well into elementary school, sometimes as late as age 12.

So the urge to organize Pokémon cards will win out, and the understanding that science homework needs to be done will completely disappear. ” (Which is how you find yourself huddled in the basement at p.m., nowhere near finished.)Insist the fun stuff can’t happen until the homework is completed.

The first thing to investigate is whether your child understands the material or is struggling with a learning exceptionality.

Once those are ruled out, it’s good to remember that kids are going to find pretty much everything vastly more interesting than homework.

Or perhaps you’ve just received yet another email from the teacher, who’s sorry to have to get in touch again, but your son has forgotten to hand in the reading response due last Friday.

Or maybe you’re still hunched over in the basement, well past bedtime, as you and your daughter painstakingly construct a model of a Mohawk longhouse, one toothpick at a time.

On top of that, most kids don’t yet have a clear concept of how long a task takes. Royan Lee, a Toronto-area teacher and father of three, takes a strict approach.

“All of our kids have a to-do list they must accomplish every day,” he says.

Your kid’s personality, temperament and learning style are huge factors in how she deals with homework and how you deal with her.

“If you can identify the roadblock for your child,” Rumack says, “you have a better chance of setting up a situation that creates success.”Your child has known about the solar system project for three weeks now.


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