How To Create Assignment

You will have to navigate to the Assignment results in the Progress Book, enter the assignment if it’s not there already, and manually enter the student’s score.

Attaching an image to the assignment may lower the image resolution.

And just as creating a reliable test takes thoughtfulness and skill, so does creating meaningful and effective assignments.

Undoubtedly, many instructors have been on the receiving end of disappointing student work, left wondering what went wrong…

In his article “Conducting Writing Assignments,” Richard Leahy (2002) offers a few ideas for building in said collaboration: • Ask the students to develop the grading scale themselves from scratch, starting with choosing the categories.

• Set the grading categories yourself, but ask the students to help write the descriptions.

• Draft the complete grading scale yourself, then give it to your students for review and suggestions. Determining your goals for the assignment and its essential logistics is a good start to creating an effective assignment.

However, there are a few more simple factors to consider in your final design.

The Class/Group members can easily turn in the assignment right in Edmodo.

To post a new assignment to one or more of your classes or groups, follow these instructions: Note: If you send an Assignment to individual students instead of to a whole class/group, it won't show up automatically in the Progress Book.


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