How Can Critical Thinking Help You

Commenting on and questioning an assumption helps to find gaps in the information or the underlying logic.The assumption can also be considered from different points of view and/or stakeholders. It is important to consider your limitations, prejudices and assumptions before you listen to people or assess a situation.

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This skill enables people to gather all kinds of information and to come to logical conclusions based on the available evidence. Thinking critically allows you to look at a situation from different perspectives.

No conclusions are drawn as long as there is insufficient evidence, so research continues until there is enough evidence. The true picture emerges, including background and surroundings.

Critical Thinking is a skill to curb our natural tendency to make assumptions.

It also helps to prevent people from accepting new information as truth too quickly and helps people recognise and prevent fallacies in advance.

It reduces information to a clear and accurate source.

Critical Thinking enables people to critically consider their own arguments and evaluate them right away.

This article describes the Critical Thinking in a practical way.

After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful type of decision making.

We are currently seeing a lot of so-called ‘fake news’.

By applying Critical Thinking, we can objectively look at and evaluate information.


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