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It began when Calvin Coolidge chose not to run for a second term in 1928.Hoover, then secretary of commerce (and joked Washington wags, "assistant secretary of everything else"), made no secret of his interest in succeeding Coolidge. Food Administration for Woodrow Wilson, revolutionized the Department of Commerce, and ministered to victims of the Mississippi River flood.

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Few men seemed so prepared for the nation's highest office. More realistic than Wilson, more respectable than Warren Harding, more imaginative than Calvin Coolidge, Hoover appeared an ideal candidate.

Few Americans asked whether the Great Engineer had a political temperament.

​Few Americans have known greater acclaim or more bitter criticism than Herbert Hoover.

The son of a Quaker blacksmith, Hoover was orphaned at the age of nine and sent to live with relatives in Oregon.

Hoover was not shy about sharing his concerns about the American economy.

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As early as 1925, then-Secretary of Commerce Hoover had warned President Coolidge that stock market speculation was getting out of hand.

In fact, the 1928 election was a contest between two self-made men, each of whom celebrated the glories of American individualism.

Confronted with a heroic opponent who took credit for prosperity while vowing to eliminate society's imperfections, some of Smith's partisans tried portraying Hoover as a dangerous radical. Roosevelt said of Hoover, "He has shown in his own department an alarming desire to issue regulations and to tell businessmen generally how to conduct their affairs." One of the few major issues dividing the candidates was Prohibition, with Hoover supporting the constitutional ban on manufacturing and selling alcoholic beverages and Smith pressing for its repeal.

Only in politics is this a character flaw, yet it prevented those around Hoover from portraying him as a compassionate leader, or warding off portrayals of him as a cold, uncaring figure responsible for nearly everything that was going wrong in the American economy.

As a result, Hoover's presidency remains largely an untold story.


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