Homework Routine

They need to know what to expect in advance and have time to make the mental transition as well. And we aren’t set yet, nor do I predict we will be for many years.

In a brain characteristically in chaos, the order routine provides is soothing.

Establishing homework routines as soon as your child begins school will help him or her develop the skills necessary to keep up with these important routines throughout high school and college.

Here are some tips to help make homework easier for your child and family.

This includes adapting the lesson to meet the needs of individual students.

Let’s face it, kids receive homework assignments starting in kindergarten these days and after a long day at school (and your long day at work), the last thing anyone wants is a homework battle.

Although your routine should remain the same, you may have to adjust the homework time on certain days depending on other family activities.

Allow for a break every 20 minutes if necessary and make sure your child is fed.

Hungry children work slower and have more difficulty staying focused on homework. Have him complete the easier assignments first so he avoids frustration and builds on success.

Children are different, of course, and some will embrace parental attempts at organization while others are much more likely to procrastinate or become distracted.


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