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Though it may not be inaccurate to some extent, it subliminally tells the readers, women in particular, that the prime reason to be true to oneself is to satisfy a man's superego.To maintain a man's dignity and pride, what more can they have than a woman's loyalty and honesty to do so?

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Ophelia seems to turn her wants and needs completely to Hamlet to fill the void her father left.

With this, Ophelia’s transcend into madness can be shown as an act of assimilation with Hamlet.

She was so in need of a man that she was not even slow to jump into “A bed of incest.

” If it were not for Claudius, Gertrude would have been lost and searching for the reason of life, such as Ophelia does.

A statement like such can only, at the very least, aggravate a woman who does not fit the stereotypical female.

This is defined as one who is acquiescent and dependent of men.On one hand, Ophelia is in complete duress from loosing the main male figure in her life and feels completely alone.Yet, on the other hand, Ophelia is freed from her father’s manipulation and scorn.The once beautiful, dismissible, and timid daughter rapidly descends into madness.Carol Neely interpret her madness to be “her liberation from silence, obedience, and constraint.” When Polonius dies, Ophelia has no one to listen to, no one to head guidance from, and no one to act proper to.Ophelia’s madness is also a display of her innermost conflicts; feeling free, but also feeling lost with out a male figure to guide her.Because Hamlet is the main character and a male, it would be rather unorthodox for a female character of non-stereotypical traits to share the spotlight or even as any significant character.The women used in this play are portrayed as mere accessories, only working to worsen the conditions of the main male character's situation; therefore, causing the readers to sympathize or agree with him.David Leverenz points out that Ophelia “Thinking she is not loved by him, she becomes him, or at least what she conceives to him to be.” To revive Hamlets love for her, Ophelia imitates Hamlet.


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