Group Dynamics Research Paper

Group Dynamics Research Paper-43
These goals of the group impact the group dynamics in either positive or negative ways.

These goals of the group impact the group dynamics in either positive or negative ways.

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For example, the Tri-Co Summer Institute’s mission statement is to “giv[e] first year students of color the introductory knowledge and experience they need in order to excel in the curricular and co-curricular spheres of their home institution” (as cited in Sgobbo & Song, 2003).

This mission statement already creates segregation between the students of color and assumes that students of color will not be able to succeed within their communities whereas students of the majority will.

Asch’s (1956) study of conformity suggests that individuals conform to the majority even when there is no social pressure to conform, no rewards for conforming, or no punishments for being the minority.

Other research conducted by Milgram (1965) suggests that individuals can be influenced under certain immediate situations that make the individual feel they are emotionally distant, following orders, and/or part of a larger group.

It is important to look at group dynamics of all groups to understand group behaviors.

Why are some groups capable of accomplishing positive goals (Habitat For Humanity) and other groups capable of accomplishing negative goals (Nazi’s)?

Looking at their group dynamics, in general, can help the group overcome the pitfalls of groups in general, therefore being able to successfully accomplish their goals.

The study of groups in a psychological manner was first founded by Kurt Lewin (1943), which consisted of explaining the way small groups and individuals act and react to different circumstances; he called this group dynamics.

Diversity programs are extremely positive in many respects; however, based on group dynamics, it is possible for a group that is solely based on multi-culturalism and where individuals are immersed into the group creates strong group ties that can create a stronger divide between the in-group and out-group.

It is possible that groups created to battle diversity issues might, in turn, depending on its group dynamics, create segregation.


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