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Music is a very significant part of our daily lives; the image of the quietly-focused student isolating themselves into a personal study zone has led to interest into whether listening to music actually helps studies or not.Research into the field has proven fairly ambiguous, with many studies contradicting each other.Vocal music could be distracting while instrumental music might help your performance.

All you need is to observe what improves your efficiency and focus on the tasks at hand.

The situation i.e, the personal preference and the nature of the task determines whether the background music will help you focus better.

A lot of things can help you prepare for exams, and you must see what works for you.

If you’re anything like me, you listen to music pretty much all day long.

Music with discordant tones has no impact on productivity, but soft tunes have better results.

The right kind of music can help relax your mind and increase concentration.

Researchers from the recruited 21 young adults to check this claim.

They placed people in an MRI scanner and played songs from different genre to entertain them. When the research subjects listened to their favourite songs, they were better connected to a part of the brain called the , also known as DMN.

The feel-good factor is due to the changes in neurological activity in the brain.

By listening to a preferred genre or a favourite song, people feel stress-free and remain calm.


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