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His words somehow become my words, his memories become my memories.

His words somehow become my words, his memories become my memories.

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I feel like a speck of dust outside the train, floating, content and happy to be between destinations. I speak both English and Chinese: Chinese is for math, science, and process, but I prefer English for art, emotion, and description.

America owns my childhood, filled with pine trees, blockbuster movies, and Lake Tahoe snow; China holds my adolescence, accompanied by industrial smog, expeditious mobility, and fast-paced social scenes. My reverie isn’t at an end, but I have the answer to my question.

But I don’t think of being “Most original” as an insult anymore – I wear it as a badge of honor, proof that I am myself and no one else. “How about ‘Most Original.’”This writer’s style clearly shows off her sense of humor.

A friend recently joked, “If there were a ‘Quirkiest’ award in the yearbook, you’d definitely win.” We were standing outside of a classroom, and I was wearing a pair of gold, glittery shorts that definitely caught the eye. If one of the purposes of a college essay is to make yourself come to life off the page, then this essay hits the mark.

Recognizing the “Most Original” award for the pity-prize that it was, I grew increasingly hostile toward the very word “original.” If you win this cursed award, everyone around you offers feigned sympathy or, even worse, insincere congratulations. It’s an odd, vibrant place with odd, vibrant people.

Phrases like “oh, bummer” or well-intentioned but half-hearted “well, good for you” circle the recipient, creating a cyclone of regret from which the “winner” will never recover. Originality is celebrated there – not in the half-hearted “good for you” way, but in the full-throated “GOOD FOR YOU! One of the first of my fellow students to befriend me wore corset tops and tutus and carried a parasol with which she punctuated her every utterance.

As I read, it is as if the tempest of my thoughts is spelled out on paper.

The overflowing sense of hyper-reality in Tim O’Brien’s words of warfare spills into my world.

Home is neither arrival nor departure, neither America nor China.

Home is the in-between, the cusp of transition – that is where I feel most content.


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