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But fuck the code name, his real name, or at least the alias he’s living under, is “Duke Togo.” I mean why would you even want people to call you Golgo 13 if you’re normally called Duke Togo?Just stick with the one awesome name, in my opinion. This is a great role for Chiba because he’s just full of larger than life swagger.The Professional was a re-printing of "The Argentine Tiger", a story where Golgo is hired by the British Government to assassinate the reportedly dead ex-president of Argentina Juan Perón.

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The stories are picked from Golgo 13's forty-year history, and do not necessarily represent the original's order of publication.

The volumes are advertised under the moniker "13 volumes of Golgo 13's greatest hits." The first volume is entitled Golgo 13: Supergun.

The series follows Duke Togo, a professional assassin for hire.

The manga is one of the longest running adult manga in Japan and has sold over 200 million copies in various formats, including compilation books.

Golgo is a skilled hitman and whenever he kills his targets it's always with a bullet right between the eyes!

Despite the large local HK cast, the film was a Japanese production filmed largely here in HK but with some additional sequences set in Tokyo and Macau.Duke is voiced by Hiroshi Tachi in the 2008 television series.It is also believed by some that Golgo 13 is actually Goro Serizawa, the sole survivor of the "Serizawa Family Murders". In 1986, Lead Publishing Company released four Golgo 13 trade paperbacks translated by Patrick Connolly.GOLGO 13 from 1977 – sometimes subtitled ASSIGNMENT KOWLOON, but not to be confused with ASSIGNMENT MIAMI BEACH – is the second adaptation of a popular Japanese comic book.Sonny Chiba plays an infamous assassin known as Golgo 13.In addition, the title character has appeared in a number of TV commercials in Japan, including NEC and Lotte Black Black.Five video games have been released: Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode, The Mafat Conspiracy and three Japan-exclusive arcade games very similar to the Silent Scope series, using either the same or an incredibly similar cabinet.The version I obtained was part of a 3 disc set by Crash Cinema (a US distributor) and it's another one of those VHS transfers that has a an interlace problem I just can't see to shift with the usual software.However, my good friend AP has noticed my quality dilemma and has been able to send me some screengrabs from the Optimum Asia UK release and you can see the difference below.Each issue contained one complete story and had nothing to do with the storylines of the video games themselves.In 1991, Lead Publishing and Viz Media published The Professional: Golgo 13, a three part mini-series.


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