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Furthermore, the genome-edited crops are not yet widely commercialized (Wolt , 2016), and extensive safety data for such crops are not yet available.

Thus, this document focuses on the safety of foods obtained from or produced by the first and second generation GE food crops.

Developing food crops through such breeding practices result in large-scale genomic changes in the resulting crops, and these genomic changes do not undergo molecular characterization.

In contrast, new GE crops are developed using well-characterized DNA fragments and the resulting crops are tested and evaluated with much greater scrutiny.

In fact, because genome editing does not introduce foreign DNA into the crop, regulatory agencies are still determining whether plants developed with this technology and the foods from them would be considered GE or not.

In the cases of certain apples, potatoes, and mushrooms developed with these methods, some regulatory agencies have concluded that safety testing akin to that conducted with foods from GE crops was not necessary (US FDA, March 12, 2015, and March 16, 2015; Waltz, 2016).Even though the safety of every new GE crop has been evaluated by various regulatory authorities throughout the world prior to its commercial release, the ongoing public debate about the safety of food and feed derived from GE plants has not abated.Such debates often overshadow an important fact that all crops used as human food or animal feed include varieties that have been developed through conventional breeding and selection over hundreds or thousands of years, or through intentional but random mutagenesis.Improving wheat is a major challenge for agricultural scientists.The world’s population continues to grow – and so does its appetite. Despite a “debate” stretching back to…If you believe this article from Collective Evolution, a site that claims to be “one of the worlds most popular alternative media company”, there is currently DNA from genetically modified plants floating…The GE crops developed so far were designed to produce specific agronomic phenotypes such as resistance to insect pests or plant viruses, provide hybrid seed production, or provide tolerance to specific herbicides for better weed control (ILSI Research Foundation, 2017).Some GE crops (eg, soybean) also have been developed to specifically enhance nutrient content, such as the introduction of high levels of oleic fatty acid (Wilson, 2012).Collectively, the work conducted to date has identified no evidence of adverse health or nutritional effects from commercially available GE crops or from the foods obtained from them.In common parlance, GE crops are most often referred to as genetically modified (GM) crops or GM organisms, but the phrase “genetically modified” is not an accurate description because all crops are GM through natural mutations and natural hybridization and genome duplication, followed by selective breeding to improve crop quality and quantity.RNAi is a natural process that combats infection of RNA viruses or controls expression of endogenous gene expression (Eamens , 2008; Vaucheret, 2006).Methods using RNAi are being investigated for controlling diseases and organisms that attack plants and animals, as well as medicinal control of cancers and metabolic disease as can be seen by searching Pub Med with “RNAi” and “genetic engineering”.


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