Globalization Religion Essay

For the first time in history we have the opportunity to convey to humankind as a whole the universal essence of each of our religions.Instead of allowing narrow-minded bigots to monopolize the airwaves, why shouldn’t men and women with a universal outlook state their case through the global media infrastructure?

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Such individuals are the real antidotes to the ill effects of globalization.

It was religion that first espoused the idea of the oneness of humankind.

As globalization drives humankind towards some sort of interdependent world the voice and vision of religion has all but faded into oblivion.

A flow of ideas, tastes and values accompany them helping to reshape the image of the world to a world that will eventually be one global system and one global unity.

Globalization involves complete economic liberalization i.e., opening doors to big businesses. Governments create an environment that is as conducive as possible to its growth of business.


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