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To sum up, I would like to emphasize that the tendency towards globalization of the world affairs has numerous positive outcomes, which make it seem beneficial for the multiple parties of collaboration.I also support the opinion that the time of segregation and iron curtains between different countries has passed and we should focus on building the world around us by our joint actions.

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These gadgets have boosted communication between people and made it go far beyond the borders of separate states.

People from different corners of the world can get in touch instantly.

People get more options for successful employment and manufacturers benefit from the fast spread of experience and new technologies.

However, to get the clear vision of the unfolding situation, we should consider as well the disadvantages that are inevitable in the process of economic globalization.

Is globalization exclusively beneficial for people and the quality of their lives or are there any threats that should not be overlooked in the process of merging different societies into one big community?

To give a definite answer, we should delve into the essence of the issue and base our conclusions on the reasonable argumentation.Similarly countries rich in technology depended on countries rich in natural resources for raw materials.Machine produced goods became popular because they were cheap.It has made an impact on different aspects of human life, including economy, politics and cultural life, and shifted them into the joint direction of the progressive development.However, the grounding and consequences of the tendency remain open for the heated debates.As a result, the wide range of goods and services of the high quality becomes available for everyone at the favorable and competitive price.The increased trade opportunities help to overcome the national boundaries and ensure tight collaboration between separate markets.Making friends with people from other cultures and forming long-term relationships with people, who have similar tastes and interests as you do, is not a problem any more.At this point, we can talk not only about the virtual world, which might seem a bit illusory for some people of the previous generations.In the globalized world, people can break any established prejudice or biased attitudes to others through honest and engaging communication.Communicating with people across the globe will help us understand that all humans are similar in their needs and inner desires.


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