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“But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground.

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In this skirmish, The US received 613 dead, wounded, or captured, while the CS only received 510 dead, wounded, or captured.

The battle of Upperville began when Jeb Stuart's cavalry withdrew to a ridge west of Middleburg, to pursue Union General Greggs division of men.

Union General Pleasanton pushed Jeb Stuart's cavalry eight miles west of Upperville on June 21st. General Greggs fought a small melee against Confederate General Wade Hampton.

The Confederate troops attacked all three forts and Milroy thought that he was being surrounded but Ewell knew that Milroy would think this so before Milroy retreated Ewell sent a force of 3,500 soldiers to ambush Milroy. The Confederate forces inflicted 433 casualties, 3388 captured, 23 guns captured, and 300 wagons full of supplies. The Union officers General Kilpatrick and Colonel Duffie were going to rendezvous at Middleburg but once Kilpatrick arrived at Middleburg he found himself surrounded by three brigades of Confederate forces.

The battle between the retreating Union soldiers and the 3,500 men that Ewell sent ahead took place at Stephenson's Depot. Kilpatrick did manage to get away from the Confederate troops but it took him three days and cost him 200 of his men.


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