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The present article looks at some of the major relevant studies, moving from general assumptions about culture-specific thinking styles (Section 2) to the more specific issues of academic writing (Sections 3 and 4).The concluding sections 5 and 6 discuss issues surrounding the preservation or abandonment of the current plurality of academic cultures and their implications for composition and translation teaching.Cette pluralité des pratiques d’écriture, conclut-on, doit être préservée comme une valeur en soi, et elle appelle une attention particulière de la part du traducteur.

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Es sind vorbildliche Ehren, in denen das nationale Bindemittel der Muttersprache bei diesen Völkern steht, und etwas heiter Vorbildliches hat die genußreiche Ehrfurcht, mit der man ihre Formen und Lautgesetze betreut.

Man spricht mit Vergnügen, man hört mit Vergnügen – und man hört mit Urteil […][1] For a long time the idea has been around that the ‘spirit’ of a language exerts a formative influence on its speakers and writers.

It will come as no surprise, then, that Widdowson’s thesis has been challenged and, at least to some extent, disproved by a number of later studies.

These show that classification by academic disciplines and text types yields a more subtly differentiated picture of cross-cultural difference.

The resultant plurality of linguacultures, the author goes on to argue, must be preserved as a value in itself, and merits special attention on the part of the translator.

RésuméLe présent article propose une vue d’ensemble critique des acquisitions récentes de la recherche sur les divergences culturelles en matière de prose scientifique, tout en illustrant les apports de cette recherche à la traductologie.

Abstract This article provides a critical overview of recent research on cross-cultural divergences between English, French and German academic writing, demonstrating its relevance to translation.

The author starts by discussing Galtung’s notion of culture-specific intellectual styles.

A moment’s reflection suggests that general cross-linguistic constants of this kind exist in any sub-language.

Thus, parodying Widdowson’s line of argument, we might say that turn-taking, hesitation and imprecision are universal features of colloquial speech.


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