General Salutations For Cover Letters

Many times, there are steps you can take to figure out who exactly the person reading your letter will be.

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Here's the full list of cover-letter openings, ranked in reverse order of egregiousness.

She looks at it for half a second before kicking it to the recycle bin.

According to Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for Top Resume, you should always do some research to figure out who exactly the person reading your letter will be.

You can even play it safe by writing at the beginning of your cover letter: "I noticed you're working in [whatever department] at [whatever company]," so you show that based on your research, it looks like they're involved in the hiring process.

The first and easiest way to address a cover letter without a contact?

Leave the salutation off and start with the first paragraph. It lets the manager get on to the important info in your letter, like why your resume is so amazing.

Here's the full list of cover-letter openings, ranked in reverse order of egregiousness.

Sincerely, Knowing how to address a cover letter can be frustrating when that information isn't readily available.

Of course you won't do anything that silly in a business letter.

But if you don't know how to address a cover letter without a name, you may sound almost as tin-eared.


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