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By this she means that men coming home from work may have their stress relieved by the family, but only by dumping it on their wives.Furthermore, these theories are outdated and suggest families are all traditional nuclear families with men going to work and women in domestic roles.Functionalists argue that all institutions in society have important roles to play in the smooth and functional running of society, and the family is no different.

Each serves an important function in maintaining healthy family functioning.

Instrumental roles are concerned with the provision of physical resources (e.g., food, clothing, and shelter), decision-making and family management.

In addition, families must also consider issues of roles allocation and accountablility.

There are many roles within a family; however, researchers have identified the following five roles as being essential for a healthy family.

And children are expected to cooperate and respect their parents.

As family members age, they take on additional roles, such as becoming a spouse, parent, or grandparent.We will revisit this part of the discussion in a later section.Join 1000s of fellow Sociology teachers and students all getting the tutor2u Sociology team's latest resources and support delivered fresh in their inbox every morning.Affective roles exist to provide emotional support and encouragement to family members.Both sets of roles must be present for healthy family functioning.Much cheaper & more effective than TES or the Guardian.Reach the audience you really want to apply for your teaching vacancy by posting directly to our website and related social media audiences.The classic functionalist statement on the roles of the family comes from George Murdock (1949) who looked at families across the world and found four functions that were common to all of them: Educational: children are taught the norms and values of society (also known as primary socialisation) Economic: the family provides an economic function to all its members by pooling resources and ensuring all have what they need.Reproductive: produces the next generation of the society.You can also follow @tutor2u Soc on Twitter, subscribe to our You Tube channel, or join our popular Facebook Groups.Duncan Hall is Subject Lead for Politics and Sociology for tutor2u.


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