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The job of the judges at the end of the discussion of the first issues is to decide which of the following words best applies to Napoleon in this case, chosen from this continuum: | Revolutionary | Reformer | Consolidator | Underminer | Destroyer | Past Examination Questions A selection of past examination questions and examiners' markschemes.One of these could be chosen at random for the class to attempt in timed conditions; alternatively different students could write essays on different titles and then they are exchanged later for revision purposes.

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Without their hostility and provocation he would not have been dragged into Spain and Russia and would instead have consolidated his achievements in France.

Interpretation 2: The ultimate failure of Napoleon’s foreign policy was the result of his own boundless ambition.

Discussion Points and Conclusions This worksheet guides students through some of the key questions arising from the analysis thus far to ensure that the essay question ("To what extent did the French Revolution deliver on its promises? Model Essay: "To what extent did the French Revolution deliver on its promises of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity?

Silent Discussion: Impressions of Napoleon In this activity students conduct a 'Silent Discussion' about Napoleon (instructions included) based around 12 primary sources.

As you read through this timeline as a class, supplemented with audio-visual sources for extra notes using the multimedia presentation (which comes complete with !

) consider which of the following two viewpoints strikes you as the most convincing: Interpretation 1: The ultimate failure of Napoleon’s foreign policy was due to the refusal of the monarchies of Europe (particularly Britain) to accept him as a fellow ruler.

Picture Challenge: Key Events of the French Revolution Taken directly from the timeline, this quiz provides a series of key images relating to the period.

In teams, students have to correctly identify the event relating to each picture.

Defining the Debate: Enlightenment Philosophy In order to measure the success of the French Revolution, it is necessary to determine the professed aims of the Revolution.

In this activity students will analyse the beliefs of key Enlightenment philosophers to reach a more detailed understanding of what the Revolutionaries really meant when the claimed to stand for "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". In-Depth Focus on Enlightenment Philosophy: Thomas Paine and the Rights of Man With a general understanding of Enlightenment Philosophy now secured, students look in more depth at the "Rights of Man" to develop their understanding of the aims of the French Revolution.


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