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The humans have, after all, created a race of slaves with an inbuilt death sentence.

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The mood of paranoia evoked parallels the long lament for humanity’s loss of innocence, the same innocence lost in the industrial revolution of Shelley’s novel, when nature and humanity are not living in harmony with each other.The futuristic cityscape becomes a central device for representing social division and power relationships between people.The spatial arrangement of a clear high and low dichotomy affects the cities inhabitants to the core; they become less human in a city that has expunged all traces of the natural.His only response to ‘turn away with disgust and loathing’ is a harsh comment on us as to why we don’t do the same.Tragically the Monster comes to an understanding of his place in this system; without family or property, his position in society must be that of a ‘vagabond and a slave’.The disturbing lack of emotion by Deckard in comparison to the replicant’s empathic responses (Rachel when she realizes she too is a replicant and Batty’s grief over Pris’ death) prove Tyrell’s motto: they are indeed ‘more human than human’.Batty represents the repressed guilt collectively felt by humans about their exploitation and annihilation of both animals and races or nationalities of people.Scott’s world is soulless; the sublime experience (closest evidence of the soul), as experience within the grandeur of nature, is absent.Mass production and technological revolution have literally crushed humanity’s soul played out metaphorically when Batty gouges Tyrell’s eyes.As the monster listens to Felix he learns about the world beyond the cottage, ‘the strange system of human society was explained to me.I heard of the division of property, of immense wealth and squalid poverty; of rank, descent, and noble blood.’ The inequality of human society is a shock to the daemon; he cannot understand why society is divided into ranks, ‘nobility’, ‘birth’, and ‘wealth’.


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