Feud Violence And Practice Essays In Medieval Studies

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The studies aiming to investigate the feud in the interrelationships between customary law and legal process, especially for the period after the assertion of state powers which, in the wake of new instances and social pressures, imposed intensively inquisitorial procedures that made ​​ the self-management of conflicts between different social classes far more difficult – The Feud and procedural narratives An analysis of the new inquisitorial proceedings with the identification of the speeches that were formulated by experts of law and of their use.

This will permit us to understand the narrative forms that aim at facilitating their use and application.

The system of feud was intimately connected to the political dimension and to the introduction, in the course of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, of Roman-canonical procedures which had the aim of incorporating the conflict system of feud, until then mainly governed by custom; into procedural practices in order mitigate its bloodiest consequences.

Feud, revenge and legal process were all part of a complex system of regulation of conflicts (Stein 1984, Berman 1983).

The conference intends to define firstly a general objective and then some more specific goals.

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The scientific purposes lie primarily in the deconstruction and the subsequent reassessment of a historical process that the documentary sources show on the narrative level in a distinctly negative and misleading way.A reconstruction of the concept of feud and revenge can also be very helpful in understanding other forms of narratives on the topic, such as the arts, literature and architecture.d) The relationship between judicial practices and the feud acquires interesting relevance both in customary systems and in systems governed by the legal process.To what extent can we distinguish the term feud understood in terms of a more general conflict that refers to enmity, which often lasted for long periods, from that of revenge, which seems to suggest a single act of retaliation or more simply a generic concept?The research conducted on the modern age (Povolo 1997) shows how the feud aristocratic system imploded when, due to the intervention of the central political authorities, there can no longer be a self-regulatory system of conflicts based on the idiom of honor.The files of the trial indirectly record certain cultural aspects of the feud (mediation, hierarchies, signs and symbols of conflicts).Other sources record the social contexts where they developed, making explicit the protagonists and the dynamics of conflict, as well as the methods used to bypass the new forms of social control (connections with the political power, forms of corruption, control of influential and powerful local persons, and so on).But there still remains to trace the crucial transition from customary practices mainly handled by the community (prevailing in the early medieval age) to practices managed by professionals () and the procedures successively worked out by them.Therefore, it is important to take into account the research conducted on single European areas and for different historical periods, especially for the early Middle Ages, the Middle Ages, the Modern and Contemporary Age, and finally the various disciplines used.The inquisitorial procedure of the Council of Ten (an important Venetian judiciary body) was characterized by the absence of a defense that could criticize the conduct of the judiciary body, by hard and severe interrogations of the accused and by secret depositions.There are just a few of the most significant aspects of procedures that aimed to neutralize the local feud.


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