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Both pieces depict trees, and are both Haitian in their essence.

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They offer options for adoptive families, surrogates, two dads, and more. Not necessarily the prettiest work, but it gets the job done. The child’s tree is the largest and the trees/names grow smaller as they fan out. Classroom Clipart has a lot of free tree clip art you can download for your personal use---or a quick google search of scrapbook paper can give you plenty of ideas. Simply writing family members names in the shape of a tree is a beautiful way to combine all family members regardless of whether through Birth or adoption. .) When she isn’t threatening to tackle one of her boys on the ball field if they don’t run faster, or convincing her 4-year-old daughter that everything doesn’t HAVE to sparkle, she is also a wife and stay-at-home mom of three.

Especially when your kids come home with a project due the next day (meaning they had it for a week but forgot until the evening before it was due . Birth family could be one kind of tree and adoptive a different. You can also have trees like this custom-made on Etsy. One of the three happens to have been adopted, but good luck figuring out which one it is, since they all have pasty white skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.

for the parents, for the kids, for the entire family (not to mention the teacher). Far before the assignment ever came home to our house, I had thought long and hard about it (and had my own anxiety attacks about it).

I remember reading an article in magazine, when Kyle and Owen were babies and just home from Haiti, about how to talk with your child’s teacher about handling this assignment in the classroom.The second (below bottom) is a print that we bought a few years ago.I photographed both, and then we used these images as the central focal points for the project. It isn’t news in the adoptive family community that this assignment can be deeply anxiety producing… One day your child will come home with that classic school project assignment: The Family Tree.Karen White is the self-proclaimed leading authority on being "that mom." You know the one. The #1 adoption website is hosting the largest, FREE virtual adoption summit.The PTO Vice President, room mom, baseball team mom, AND leader of well-behaved kids (OK, the well-behaved part may be stretching it . Come listen to 50 adoption experts share their knowledge and insights.A lot of adoptive family trees show the birth family as the "roots" and the adoptive family as the "branches." While it is an appropriate depiction in many ways, for some in very open adoptions it may feel like it "buries" the birth family’s importance.To allow for both families to be of equal importance, try mirror imaging the traditional tree.We devoted the full top third of the actual physical project space to “our ancestors.” Kyle and Owen have long been very focused on their “ancestors,” take great pride in their African and Haitian ancestral roots, and are very inquisitive about ancestry in general. The middle third of the space was devoted to the actual “family tree” (including the birthparents, symbolically and literally, in the center).We chose to highlight Mor Mor as the individual about whom we’d write a “vignette” (according to the original assignment).


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