Fahrenheit 451 Essay On Similarities To Our Society

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The author, Ray Bradbury utilizes the genre of science fiction as a liaison platform to depict the adverse ramifications that emanated from oppressive government frameworks.Be that as it may, Montag acquired knowledge through Clarisse, who genuinely opened his heart, vision, and perception.Following his encounter with Clarisse, Montag was now in a position to develop an open-minded approach towards human behaviors and comprehension of the environment.However, it also depicts that this knowledge can only be extracted from the society and on the off chance that their purpose and direction is ruined, only an ignorant society will be left behind.Additionally, the author writes; “Books aren't people.Such constructs in the novel coupled up with similar literary works in the same era, uncover the threat of the US is advancing into an abusive, tyrant society in the post-World War period.Furthermore, the novel is the author’s protest pathway to advocate for creativity and innovativeness.The characters in the novel were deprived of the possibilities to make errors and a platform to learn and develop.Obliviousness is created through uneven encounters, and the characters in the book lacked diverse encounters to grasp information.Millie connects herself to the Seashell radio every night, portraying her ignorance.She also takes an overdose of pills and forgets the whole ordeal.


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