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These, despite providing the anticipated sorrowful meaning, bring about the feeling of pleasure and fulfillment instead.In this case, Yusuf visits the memorial in the full awareness that sorrowful memories would be brought back in “He’s lost his right arm” to show a colleague’s injury.He says that he found his 'black face' fading into the granite of the memorial wall.

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One can notice a ton of survival's guilt, as he begins to see familiar names among the many names on the wall.

He is deeply lost in his thoughts, and his overwhelmed mind starts having flashbacks, which reduce the difference between memories and reality.

I go down the 58,022 names,half-expecting to findmy own in letters like smoke.

I touch the name Andrew Johnson; I see the booby trap's white flash.

He, however, ends up breaking down as he is a human, 'flesh'.

The meaning of the 'clouded reflection' here is the events that the speaker had to face in the past, the memories of which are back to haunt him.

He is also a winner of many prestigious awards, that include the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, Ruth Lily Poetry Prize, and Louisiana Writer Award.

He wrote the poem 'Facing It' almost a decade after the war.

He finds a familiar name on the memorial wall, and is reminded of how the person, Andrew Johnson, had died. In the black mirrora woman's trying to erase names: No, she's brushing a boy's hair.

The lines between past and present begin to blur, as his memories from the war begin to resurface. A white vet's image floatscloser to me, then his pale eyeslook through mine. His train of thought is broken because of the flapping wings of a bird, which he compares to a 'brushstroke'.


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