Extensive Problem Solving

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What about an assembly line where people can work safely and quickly carrying out problem-free and quality-assured operations?Do you wish that leakage and premature hose failures were yesterday’s problems and that costly warranty claims were a thing of the past?

Our experience has revealed that the answer to the first and second questions are not usually the obvious one.

Through our combined skills, complemented by our cutting-edge facilities, we have the ability to get to the bottom of the problem and produce accurate information to resolve the issue.

offers extensive problem solving services, including failure analysis and investigative engineering.

We provide expert chemical analysis to achieve quality and reliability throughout your product and service line. has an extensive knowledge base of product and service development information.

Our analysis approach includes such detailed methods as microscopy, chromatography, molecular and atomic spectroscopy.

In every project, we ask ourselves these three important questions: We are excellent at asking questions of our instruments.In the framework of cognitive view, the consumer very actively searches for such products or services that can fulfill all their requirements.Consumers are associated with deep feelings or emotions such as, fear, love, hope etc. The WEO Plug-In coupling offers a multitude of thread or tube connections and, as no tools are needed for hose assembly, you can still focus on compact design.Integrate At the core of our design you will find the WEO Cartridge, a refined component made for compact system integration. As no adapter is needed, costs are reduced and at the same time one potential leakage point is eliminated.In limited problem solving, the consumers have already set the basic criteria or standard for evaluating the products.However, they have not fully set the established preferences and they search for additional information to discriminate among other products or brands.For even better adaptation to customer applications, we offer the core of our design – the WEO cartridge, for a fully-integrated, compact design, and our reinforced two-in-one WEO plug-in swivel, for swivelling applications at full working pressure.Stay flexible If you are looking for a compact coupling solution but still want to keep your existing manifold design, you don’t have to worry.The WEO fitting is a smart plug-in solution from CEJN offering extensive problem-solving features and cost savings.This self-aligning plug-in fitting enables quick and safe hydraulic hose kit assembly without any tools.


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