Extended Essay Evaluation Criteria

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The following are some advanced techniques that many International Baccalaureate (IB) extended essay supervisors might forget to share. Before reading this blog post, I suggest reading my post on getting started with your extended essay.

That article explains how to choose a good essay question, among other things. Even though you included the best information you could find (and you don’t want to look lazy) you should be the one (rather than your Extended Essay grader) to point out the weaknesses in your research. You might think this is rather like going to a job interview and pointing out why you’re a bad employee, but it’s not like that at all.

Let’s say your Extended Essay is about the launch of a new organic lettuce in Singapore.

You’ve looked around and there isn’t any data about lettuce in Singapore at all.

But if you’ve done a reasonable amount of work, using primary and secondary sources, it only helps you to be critical. You can use the questions as prompts for your Extended Essay writing.

To help you with this, there is a great checklist you can use called Test Before You Trust (link here) to help you ask important questions about your sources (i.e. For example, Question 14 asks, of advertising and therefore perhaps less likely to be biased. However, it is very, impressive when high school students can read and understand and explain aspects of real academic articles.

And then you can go on to make all kinds of insights into the market for lettuce, using the cucumber data. Start by deleting most of your introduction, for example. It’s much better to hand in a well-written, edited piece of work so your teacher can focus on helping you with the smart (rather than the silly) mistakes you’ve made.

Proxies can be used (but rarely are actually used) in most Extended Essay’s. -Is it possible you (and your supervisor) have overlooked (or misinterpreted) one of the criteria? your conclusion) to make sure you’re going to get full marks for it? And then look for times when you say things you’ve already said before. Don’t think that this is your teacher’s job to do this for you. Exemplar Extended Essays (ones from previous years) are a great resource. Look for anything they’ve done well that you could emulate.

When you hear the word “proxy” you might think of VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) that let you surf the web more freely.

Proxy sources similarly allow you to research a bit more freely.


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