Examples Of Rhetorical Analysis Essays

The author explains why such a tendency is a problem for the current society.

He earns such trust because people think that a person who deals with them each day says so, which is a perfect example of the use of rhetorical appeals.

Nevertheless, Robinson also demonstrates the use of logos appeals in his argument about the negative effects of the public school system.

Furthermore, the ethos appeal within the speech convinces the audience on how the system could be improved to promote creativity.

The speaker wants the audience to realize that each person has potential.

Ken Robinson’s speech, “Do schools kill creativity” has become one of the most popular TED Talks.

It sparks the idea that we are “educating people out of their creativity.” Unfortunately, schools encourage students to stand on what is taught socially and intellectually without questioning.

By using a story that provided a contrast between ADHD and talent, the speaker explains how blur is the line between creativity and misunderstanding.

Hence, if the specialist advised her parents differently, they would have spent a lot of time and money on ADHD treatment to force her focus on subjects at school, which were not significant for her future career (Robinson, 2018).

Her parents, who thought she had ADHD, took her to a specialist to determine how her condition could be treated.

Luckily, the specialist told her mother that their child was not sick, saying “she’s a dancer, take her to dance school” (Robinson, 2018).


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