Example Of Gantt Chart For Business Plan

It goes without saying that the horizontal duration bars make up the horizontal axis of the Gantt Chart.

Ultimately, you can think of the Gantt Chart as a multilevel color-coded pipeline that illustrates the precedence network of activities/tasks with their respective durations.

In a nutshell, you start by creating a table of tasks with their respective start and end dates.

Then you make a horizontal bar chart out of the tasks table you created.

At the bottom, you can find the necessary legend or annotations for understanding the color scheme associated with the Gantt Chart. The two main business components of a Gantt Chart are the tasks and the duration of each respective task.

Tasks make up the vertical axis of the chart and they are written one below the other, the same way you would create a task list.On the left side, we have the different tasks, arranged according to their respective development stage.The time axis is split according to months and quarters.It is great for providing a visual representation of the progress of each task.This way you will know which tasks are behind schedule.Therefore, most Gantt Charts are drawn using computer software.Despite there being many dedicated applications for drawing Gantt Charts, most visual tools online provide you with just about enough resources for such a task.Conveniently enough, it then evolved into a time-based model instead of a quantity-based one and was used during the First World War by American strategists.The drawing of Gantt charts has gone through different stages: The example below shows a typical Gantt Chart for a blockchain based startup.Well, if you have traveled before, then you know that planning ahead does require an initial investment (time & money), however, in the long run, it proves to be more cost-efficient (i.e: you get to see more places in less time).And adventures are nice, as long as you don’t have strict deadlines to follow.


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