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I always learn something no matter what it is always stays in my mind; on the other hand, watching television is an entertainment.I can also learn from watching television, but it never going to be the same and the reason is that, when I watch television, I know my mind is not working, or at least not in the same way, as it works, when I read....

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Holdings are fairly evenly distributed across four broad disciplinary areas (Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences) and across four levels of study (undergraduate and taught masters level).

A complicated writing assignment can scare both a freshman and a final-year student.

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Smith is not reading aloud to the class and the class is not popcorn reading during Literacy Block, the students are participating in silent reading.

In order for each individual student to thrive teachers must diagnose and implement appropriate reading content.

There are many ways to assess each student in the classroom.

If you find British English acceptable, then the BAWE corpus might be for you, though it's not quite as big as you would like: “The British Academic Written English corpus is a record of proficient university-level student writing at the turn of the 21st century.

It contains just under 3000 good-standard student assignments (6,506,995 words).

Reading have an effect to by learning curve in the process to succeed in life achievements.

Reading is involved in most jobs that exist in the world that brings a person to either success or failure in the world....


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