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This observation, in turn, has increased the motivation and engagement in school activities or tasks.

Therefore, it is appropriate to conclude that children who under-achieve in school are likely to show lower global self-esteem and become more anxious and with depressive symptoms compared to typical achievers (Daniels, 2012).

The study also highlighted the main hurdles that children with learning disabilities encounter.

The barriers were the inability to access psychological therapies, lack of confidence as well as concerns on how to develop a therapeutic relationship with people who have disabilities.

Approximately 20 percent of individuals suffering from learning disabilities are bound to experience depression.

Interestingly, incidences of the children with the cases of learning disabilities may be as young as eight years old.Review of Various Literature Sources Previous study settings have both been in clinical and school areas.In their study, Wilson, Armstrong, Furrie, & Walcot, (2009) conducted their mental health study for people with learning disabilities from the ages of 15 to 44 years.Her study examined the role of professionals and experience in young people with learning disabilities and offered recommendations based on the findings.From the findings of the study, high achievers are more likely to exhibit positive school emotions.There exists a direct and mediated link between a child’s levels of mood as well as academic outcomes.Symptoms of depression such as energy loss, lack of interest and poor cognitive ability negatively affect the performance of children at school.Using a nationally gathered data, the investigators found that male learning disabilities were more likely to result into depressive episodes or anxiety while females were likely to report high levels of distress, poor mental health or suicide thoughts.The study also showed that about 6 percent of the main population suffers from depression in any given year.The researcher suggested the need for young children to receive medication for depression instead of receiving psychological interventions.It is up to the individuals in the relevant professions to be ensuring that talking therapies realizes the needs of young people with learning disabilities.


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