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The company is only a year old and just landed $1.5 million in seed funding from investors such as and The Social Capital Partnership.

But in this short time, Admit See has already gathered 15,000 college essays in their system.

One of the most striking differences was between successful Harvard and Stanford essays.

(Admit See had 539 essays from Stanford and 393 from Harvard at the time of this interview, but more trickle in every day.) High-achieving high schoolers frequently apply to both schools—often with the very same essay—but there are stark differences between what their respective admissions departments seem to want.

So there could be a lot of copying and pasting that happens once you get further down the line.

Some schools track how long it takes for you to submit your secondary application.So they’re very specific questions, making it much easier to write.And basically, schools ask the same things from you.And they’ll use that information to determine how interested you are in that school.This could give them data to figure out who they should invite for an interview.High school students can pay to access Admit See’s repository of successful college essays, while college students who share their materials receive a small payment every time someone accesses their data.“The biggest differentiator for our site is that college students who share their information are compensated for their time,” Stephanie Shyu, cofounder of Admit See, tells Shyu says that this model has allowed Admit See to collect a lot of data very rapidly.But what is less well known is that different colleges favor particular topics and even specific words used in essays.This is a key finding from Admit See, a startup that invites verified college students to share their application materials with potential applicants.Number three: Pre-write your essays as much as possible.The sooner that you apply for your primary application, the longer time you have to write your secondaries. Look up your schools in our Medical School Secondary Application Essay Library, and see what prompts that school usually sends in their secondaries.


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