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She is also described in terms of her relationships and conduct continue to see the difference in social constructs between male and female.Like in the previous texts, the Duchess had an arranged marriage because she couldn't stand up to her father.

By contrast, the death of the Duchess was a cold, calculated move by the Duke to remove the source of his jealousy.

She gave her favours to others too willingly, and did not value his nobility and all that it stood for."She thanked men, - good!

She said “two weeks later, my father announced to me that the duke had asked for my hand in marriage and that I was to marry him within a month.

‘I gave my word without asking your consent’[father to daughter]…This declaration seemed like a death sentence to be kept up for women, this led to the idea that women were seen as objects or accessories to their men.

It also may be viewed as a love story of the Duchess and Antonio with a tragic ending.

However, when looking deeper into the play and the characters themselves, I consider this play a good one which brings me more complicated ideas and vivid pictures. Porphyria’s control of the situation is shown in lines, “And made her smooth white shoulder bare / And all her yellow hair displaced / And stooping , made my cheek lie there.” The use of the verb “made” indicates force on Porphyria's part.

It means that in each poem, the narrators end up killing their wives.

In 'Porphyria's Lover', the narrator justifies his actions by saying he wanted to preserve the perfect moment in time."That moment she was mine, mine, fair Perfectly pure and good:"At that point of pure passion, the narrator's lover belonged to him totally - the repeated words "mine, mine" emphasise this.

In the same breath, he draws his guest's attention to his latest acquisition - a new bronze in the shape of Neptune, the mythical Roman god of the sea.

I think by doing this the Duke is making a sly reference to his own aims in capturing his next wife.


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