Essays Of A Salesman Character Analysis

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Fitzgerald and Miller create characters that fulfill the aspects and mindset of the American Dream without attaining it.

The American Dream includes starting from nothing and being able to prosper with a family unit and a successful career.

Ultimately, this has a negative impact on their relationships.

With Gatsby and Willy, the American Dream leads to a constant desire for growth, prioritizes hard work and effects both characters’ relationships. ” (Miller, 38) This supports the idea of Willy wanting more; even though he has a loving wife and family, he still went out with another woman.

Moreover, the characters prioritize hard work directly in and attempt to achieve the American Dream.

Willy keeps reinforcing hard work into his career which can be seen in his actions and his dialogue.He drives a long way for his job, despite the frustration with the extensive distance, “I’ll have to send a wire to Portland.I’m supposed to see Brown and Morrison tomorrow morning at ten o’clock to show the line” (Miller, page 14) Here, Willy shows dedication despite his own exhaustion and age.Willy continues to support the company by saying he is crucial in another location and then talks about his ‘important’ responsibilities afterwards. I’m vital in New England.” (Miller, pg 14) He implies that he is crucial to the company, which also reveals his lack of trust in Linda.Since the American Dream is based off working hard, Willy believes that convincing his family that’s he’s important to the company is the same as achieving it in his own mind. By lying, he is trying to prove that the American dream is easily attainable if one continues to work hard.Willy Loman and Jay Gatsby from ​, continuously feel like they need more regardless of what they already have.In this sense, they feel like they must work hard to meet their desired objectives.He’ll never be happy with what he has, just like he can never grab the green light.Overall, despite his high social class, he continued to desire more.Overall, Willy is a clear example of always wanting more regardless of what he has already achieved.Gatsby shows his emotional emptiness; although he has the wealth that everyone craved, he still feels romantically unfulfilled.


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