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December 1 - Grand Remonstrance Act passedby Parliament listing the grievances against Charles I.

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1580 Sir Francis Drake completes his circumnavigation of the World Drake raids Spanish and Portuguese colonies and shipping along the way.

1585 English military assistance to the Netherlands Henry Sidney, Earl of Lester, brings an army of 6,000 men to .

This army collapses in 1625 due to a lack of training andsupplies. 1627 The Duke of Buckingham's expedition to the Isle of Re, near La Rochelle, to support Huguenot forces ended in defeat.

1628 Buckingham assassinated while preparing another expeditionagainst the French.

More often the British are defined as Calvinists or as Lutherans, more rarely as “Protestant heretics of England”, or as of the “mixed religion, part of Luther and part of Calvin.” The schemes crystallized in the Inquisitorial manuals present a conceptual framework that obviously did not work well for Protestants who were neither Lutherans nor Calvinists.

The mechanical application of these uncertain definitions demonstrates not only the lack of a more sophisticated interpretative paradigm but also the bureaucratic nature of many of the inquisitorial proceedings.

July 26-27 - Armada anchored off Calis, but unable to obtainsupplies due to the blockade of by the Dutch fleet under the commandof Justinian of Nassau.

July 28 - English send fire ships into the Spanish fleet, whichresponds by cutting anchor and traveling up the coast while suffering heavylosses from English long range fire.

1654 End of the first Dutch war 1655 Beginning of War with Royalist insurrection Penruddock's rising,a complete failure 1658 Cromwell dies and is succeeded by his son Richard 1659 Richard overthrown by army Rump is restored, but displeasesthe army 1660 Restoration of the Stuarts - Charles II takes the throne 1662 Church of England restored 1663 Failure of first Royal attempt to grant religious toleration 1665 Second Anglo-Dutch War begins Great Plague final major outbreak 1666 The Great Fire of 's Paradise Lost published allegoryfor the failed revolution 1672 Third Anglo-Dutch War begins Failure of second royal attempt to grant religioustoleration 1674 Third Anglo-Dutch War Ends 1679 The Exclusion Crisis beginning of the Whig and Tory parties 1685 February 6 - James II takes the throne 1687 Death of Queen Mary 1697 Civil List Act Parliament votes funds for the maintenanceof the royal household.

1699 February Disbanding Act Parliament reduces the size of the British standing army to 7,000 to limit William III's involvement in continentalwarfare.


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