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Also the milk chocolates are of course higher in the calories, because of the fats from the sugar, and cream that are used to produce milk chocolate (Real actual flavor compounds found in dark chocolate exceed those of red wine, and detecting all these notes can be an extremely fun and educational endeavor ( There is nothing any better than a good piece of chocolate.

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Milk chocolate is usually paired with nuggets, nuts, creams or caramels, but the dark chocolate is best with a wine such as a Muscat Canelli.

Either makes a Now is the time to get over the guilt of eating chocolate because of the calories.

Milton Hershey founded his company in 1903, he had a vision to not only create chocolate but to make a better working environment that provided education and extra-curricular activities.

His idea to create such a wonderful working environment was inspired by Cadbury who was the first to create a town dedicated to creating a utopian work space, known as Bournville.

The trunk of the tree is so fragile that it cannot be damaged when the pod is being removed or it will not be able to grow a pod there again. Once a pod is cut down from the tree it then undergoes a variety of processes.

The first is usually fermentation where the little beans are set out to dry in either trays or banana leaves, cleaned, then stored.Therefore, it seemed only fitting to ask someone who hadn’t learned about cacao and find out what role chocolate has played in their life.People have been consumed with chocolate for centuries and it has become part of many people’s daily lives.At this point you would be left with a raw cacao nib that would be very bitter with a dirt texture if you attempted to taste it.However, the next step would be to process that cacao nib into the chocolate we’ve grown to love.I asked a friend of mine of what chocolate has signified and played in her life, she claimed; “It makes me happy and feel better.I have a major sweet tooth but it’s something I crave everyday, I may even be addicted.” In today’s world, chocolate is available to everyone.I sat down this weekend to really think about, and compare the differences.I compared my two favorite types of chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.They then are roasted to kill off any bacteria or contaminants.Finally, they are winnowed where the shell is separated from the bean removing any last remaining germs.


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