Essay Writing On My Parents-My Best Teacher

Essay Writing On My Parents-My Best Teacher-60
While the police conducted their search they found 200 sexually explicit videos and movies both in VHS/DVD and on his computer.Our parents sacrificed their comforts for our better life. I can see this in my father, he´s becoming every day much more similar to my grandfather.

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On some evenings, he visits his friends, and at times, his friends visit us. In the evening when my dad returns from the school. My mother is the center of love and affection in our family. She gets up very early and performs her daily rites.

So some women of the neighbourhood come to her in the mid-day hour to learn these things from her. At times, he enquires about our Studies and gives some advice how to prepare our lessons scientifically and intelligently. After father goes to the office and us to our school and college, she does the cleaning work of the house. Then she finds some respite from her household work. After we have had our games when we come back, she asks us to clean ourselves and change our dresses.

Because of the immense love that the parents have for their child,they can forgive their child for his or her mistakes.

There are instances in the history where an antisocial element changes himself or herself into a responsible person by the constant love and affection provided by his or her mother.

They are an example, probably the most important, for becoming an adult.

We all are, in certain way, very similar to our parents; we all have behavoiurs, or tastes, or hobbies that we learnt from our parents.I thought I didn´t know how to prepare this soup; nevertheless, I tried to do it.It was really amazing when I realized that I could prepare the soup without formal teaching from my mother; therefore I just learnt watching her cook.These ideas and principles forms the basis of the childs personality.One another advantage of parents as teacher is that they can easily understand their childs strengths and weakness.It is said that children learn the most from their parents.I agree with this belief; in my case this statement became true; I learnt from them so much that I´m probably almost as my parents are.Other way you can realize that children learn the most from their parents is to pay attention in how daughter and son´s personalities are similar to those of their parents.There is a belief that pesons when became old are going to be just as their parents were.Don´t ever forget that your the most important teacher for your child. As first teachers,parents can saw the seeds of peace,love,respect and happiness in the minds of their childern at a very young age.


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