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Much more than money spent on books, theatres and museums, for example.It means that “beauty” of the real world is outside, not inside.So many poets and writers glorified the human beauty.

It is not important how much beautiful a person is, it is important how much naturally he carries the aura of beauty.

The beauty is in the kindness that is a part of the aura, in peaceful nature, in a certain confidence and inner calmness. Time changes us as physically as internally, we do not have the same appearance during our lifetime. Superficial beauty can not make deep impression, and those who aim to get beautiful face and perfect body with the help of Botox injections and other wonders of surgery will hardly get wide recognition and respect.

The inner beauty of a person Internal human beauty is presented naturally and unpretentious.

Probably, it may have not ideal look, but it seems to be coming from a man when he / she smiles, from the manner of speech and treat others with kindness and tenderness.

But let’s face the truth, each politician, for example, tends to look attractive and is ready to spend large sums of money on the image-makers and stylists, and they also recourse to plastic surgery.

It is difficult to be honest and say “yes”, outer beauty plays great role because it is not available for everyone.

Faces with the absolute accuracy of the features, beautiful appearance can be egoistic, haughty, fussy or arrogant; they often want to show their superiority over others. However, most people will prefer to talk to a person who has attractive appearance, because we all are attracted by something beautiful.

Later, when you understand that a person is not what you expect, that you take his / hers appearance for the essence, you may be very disappointed.

Think about it: those who suffer from extreme obesity seem attractive to you? Of course, we can not judge without knowing them closer, but one thing is obvious: their appearance pushes you away. Because people, especially women, are very critical about appearance of each other.

Besides, people who do not like their body usually have lack of self-respect.


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