Essay On The Girl With The Pearl Earring

The painting girl is wearing a turban that wasn’t usual for her contemporaries.

This occasion creates the impression of exoticness.

Obviously, Vermeer was thinking of a role of women in his society.

It was commonly appreciated in Christianity that women should stay at home and bring up their children.

The picture was later used as a base for the historical novel written by Tracy Chevalier.

The narration has the same title and represents the love story between the artist and his maid.

The meaning of the picture lays mainly in two things: the turban and the earl.

Using a turban in his painting, the artist is struggling to show the difference from ordinary women.

Actually, he had the lead in the Delft School of Dutch Baroque Art.

He was known for his home interiors: the window is always seen from the left for giving a light and a female just posing or doing a specific task.


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