Essay On Superstition Vs Science

Could that rustle be a lion that is preparing to pounce or is it just the wind?

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In other peoples mind however they only believe science can be proven.

For some people superstition is passed from generation to generation and some people have very strong beliefs.

But if we assumed it was caused by a ghost who possessed the driver, we would be superstitiously wrong.

The difference between “wrong” and “superstitious” essentially comes down to how sensible we are in our guesses and judgments.

Where do we draw the line in our decision-making about whether A caused B?

Imagine a deer on a savanna that hears a rustle in the grass beside it.

The cost of wrongly believing that the rustle came from a lion when it just came from the wind is the wasted energy involved in running away.

The deer could have stayed calm and continued to enjoy the fresh grass.

Generally speaking, the loss of superstitions is a sign of progress.

But that doesn’t mean superstitions never have value.


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