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The coolei was carrying our luggage and reached platform. As we tried to enter the gate a Railay Ticket Checker who was wearing a white uniform checked and punched our tickets. We want to a bookstall and my uncle purchased a few magazines to read during the night journey. On the platform we saw certain passengers waiting for their train impatiently,while others were sitting on their luggage patiently some passengers where simply running about with anxious face as they had not as yet got their reservations.Some trains were waiting for the signals to move out of the platforms, while after every few minutes a train was steaming in.There were many traffic policemen to guide the incoming the out-going vehicles There was great rush of passengers.

It was an invalid defense in that case, as well as in this case.

The police were aware of what wrong they were doing, and didn’t try to stand up and stop the hostility.

Hakum Chand was one of the characters of the book responsible for the expulsion of Muslims.

He didn’t actively involve himself in an expulsion of Muslims; he wanted to remove them to keep the peace.

His philosophy was that even if you feel strongly about a topic, you should keep silent on the matter.

In situations where it is better to speak up like this one, Hakum Chand gave the dangerous advice to keep silent and take what life threw at you.

Many different people, and groups, were responsible for the expulsion of Muslims.

And while all didn’t have bad intentions, or negative feelings, their actions directly influenced the course of events that lead the Muslims to leave Mano Majra.

Ultimately the Khyber Mail bound for Karachi also arrived on the platform. When the train comes at the station, people move hurriedly.

Passengers getting in and passengers getting out bump into one another. Some people pick their way polite along the crowded platform.


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