Essay On One Rule To Live By

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Once someone has agreed to a request like this, the likelihood of them responding to future interactions increases considerably.

While every networking opportunity is distinctive, focusing on making your new contacts feel positive is never a bad approach to take -- and will minimize your own fears and frustrations.

Let’s explore a networking scenario where we can look at these emotional experiences. Having been told that networking is important, you reach out with an email that looks something like this. I found your profile on Linked In and see that you work at Hennessy Inc. For someone buried under a mountain of projects, it could even lead to a sense of irritation: “Why am I reading this? In the email above, the writer is interested in is getting information about the firm and career field.

I am very interested in learning more about your firm and was wondering whether you could give me some insight into your career field, and some advice on my résumé if I were interested in a role in this industry. Many thanks, Joseph If you have written an email like this to someone, then chances are you may not have received an immediate response. Because this request is associated with various triggers that can make the reader feel uncomfortable. As written, this leaves the reader feeling potentially undervalued.

Dear Julia, I was exploring program analyst roles online and found your profile on Linked In. Your career path seems really interesting, and it would be fabulous to hear more about some of the experiences you have had.

We both know James from the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Pennsylvania, and he encouraged me to reach out to you when I let him know I found your information. Given your company’s recent merger, I am sure that there is a lot going on for you right now, but would it be OK if I reached out by email with a couple of quick questions about your current position?

You may even feel a tinge of embarrassment when talking about your own experiences and accomplishments as a grad student or postdoc to someone who has much more of both after working in the career field for decades.

Networking is also hard work -- it takes time and energy to do it properly.

But just thinking about these complexities can be emotionally draining.

And all the while that I am, I will probably be asking myself, “Is this person someone I want to actually help?


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