Essay On Literature And Culture

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Most popular fiction genres are drama, poetry, fantasy, fable, horror, realistic fiction, science fiction and others.

And genres that fall under nonfiction category are essay, biography, narrative or speech.

"Errand into the Wilderness: The American Careers of Some Cambridge Divines in the Pre-Commonwealth Era 3.

At Home in the World: Scholars and Scientists Expanding Horizons 4.

The works of literature and documents of cultural life featured in these essays bear testimony to the crossing not only of geographical, ethnological, and cultural borders but also of borders of a variety of intellectual activities and interests.

The second section examines the growing interest in astronomy and the engagement with imagined worlds in the universe, again with a view to understanding , as compared now to the extra-terrestrials that were confidently assumed to exist.

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Literature is one of the most versatile disciplines ever.

Guthke examines the ways in which, for European scholars and writers of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, world-wide geographical exploration led to an exploration of the self.

Guthke explains how in the age of Enlightenment and beyond intellectual developments were fuelled by excitement about what Ulrich Im Hof called "the grand opening-up of the wide world, especially of the interior of the non-European continents.


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