Essay On Importance Of Moral Values In Society

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Anyway I am worried about the fact that our society is in moral decline.Morality is a very broad and complicated topic due to the fact that it is based primarily on individual opinions.Some values refer to how one should act (be honest, altruistic, self-disciplined) while other values refer to what one wants to accomplish or obtain in life (a lot of money, fame, a family, friendships, world peace).

Anyway I am worried about the fact that our society is in moral decline.

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These things make morals, ethics, and values important in society.

Many things can contribute to what you think is morally right or wrong.

These thoughts and beliefs are what guide us through our life.

In today's world, individuals can make a single decision that can have an extreme positive or negative effect on their family, their employer, a nation, and even on the entire world.

One cannot just say anything that pops out into one’s head, because one can be judged accordingly and would be thought to be vulgar or disrespectful.

We develop many values and ethics through past experiences whether it is a positive or negative experience.People think that there should be a specific set of principles protecting and governing all human beings.However, others believe that values can be accepted in one culture and rejected in another culture.In other words, values are a kind of a map in our minds of how things are or should be.Values are only our perception of the principles of nature that govern our lives or the universe, and not these principles themselves.When surrounded by different groups, one uses various types of ethics.For example when one is surrounded by friends and brothers or sisters one forgets what on was taught by our elders about manners and about being courteous, but when dealing with elders or a superior, certain carefulness is necessary.Here, the value of success may come into conflict with the value of family.Some examples of moral values are: integrity, respect, caring, justice, civic virtue, and openness.For example, sex on television is accepted by today's public as normal, but until the 1980s one could hardly say the word "sex" on television without being condemned.Yes, our society is currently in a rapid decline of moral values.


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