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The donation of blood is considered as a human behavior and if someone needs then you must never think twice to donate the blood.The human body organs have different functions and they need the energy to be active throughout the day and for that, the organs need oxygen and energy which is provided by blood.Donating blood should become a part of one’s life and everyone should encourage it.

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Donating blood also refreshes your body and it generates the blood with new and better cells.

The blood in your body gets fresh and it also reduces the problems of getting any diseases.

Things to consider before donating blood Donating blood is not a problem at all and one must encourage everyone to donate blood.

But there are certain things that you should keep in mind before donating blood. Get a blood check up before you plan to donate the blood as it is important to know for the doctors to know that the blood is not infected.

Although researchers have looked at self-discipline in young children and college-age students, little research has examined the role of self-discipline in the academic success of adolescents.

Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman conducted the study highlighted in this issue of Research Brief (see below for full citation).Students who are highly self-disciplined may be able to better focus on long-term goals and make better choices related to academic engagement.In addition, the concept of self-discipline focuses on students' own ability to engage in (or refrain from engaging in) particular behaviors, rather than reliance on external motivations, rewards, or punishments.Blood Donation is one of the best things that one can do to other human beings.Donating blood can help someone in getting a new life.The researchers looked at two successive cohorts of 8th grade students in a public magnet school in the northeastern United States.The first cohort comprised 140 students (71 percent of the 8th grade class), and the second included 164 students (83 percent of the 8th grade class).The research progressed in two stages: (1) looking at self-discipline and academic achievement and (2) replicating the first study while expanding the methodology to include measures of intelligence, as well as study and lifestyle habits.The research was designed to test three hypotheses: that students with a strong sense of self-discipline would do better than their more impulsive peers on measures of academic behavior and achievement, that self-discipline would be a stronger predictor of academic success than intelligence, and that student self-discipline would predict academic achievement.Therefore, blood is a very important thing in the body.There are times when a person needs an external source of blood because of the excessive loss of blood and in such situations the blood donation plays an important role.


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