Essay On Importance Of Birds And Animals

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People enjoy bird feeding as a soothing source of natural beauty and entertainment just outside their windows.

Birds consume up to 10,000 calories a day (the human equivalent of a 155,000 calorie diet!

Photo: The eco-system is all about relationships between different organisms connected through food webs and food chains.

Even if a single wildlife species gets extinct from the eco-system, it may disturb the whole food chain ultimately leading to disastrous results.

Consider a simple example of a bee that is vital for growth of certain crops due to their pollen carrying roles.

If bees get reduced in numbers, the growth of food crops would definitely lower owing to lack of pollination.When scarce food sources are covered in snow, bird feeders provide an important and easily accessible food supply for winter birds.The simple act of putting out a bird feeder and keeping it clean and full can greatly improve the chances that birds and their offspring will survive. When you feed birds, you help more baby birds survive.The more you feed the birds during nesting season, the less time the parents will need to stay away from the nest foraging for food.With bird feeders supplementing natural food sources, birds have a reliable, plentiful source of food to keep them well fed and thriving.Similarly, if a specie gets increased in number, again it can have an adverse effect on the ecological balance.Consider another simple case of carnivores which is getting reduced every day due to human poaching and hunting.With a steady supply of food in your feeders, you can have birds in your backyard year round.Homes with bird feeders attract more birds over time than those without feeders.Birds are driven to migrate by instinct, changing weather, and length of days, so feeding birds won’t cause them to miss their yearly migrations. It’s good to keep nectar feeders filled even after it seems like the last hummingbird has departed, as late-leaving hummer ‘stragglers’ also need energy for their long journeys.Some bird species don’t migrate during the colder months, so these backyard birds benefit from year-round access to bird feeders.


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