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In Taekwon-Do competition, the line between competing (sparring) and fighting is much less clear due to the nature of the event.

Our primary form of control over the bout lies with the competitors and the deep sense of respect for each other and for the referee.

He will accumulate the knowledge, in order to possess all the necessary things in life. People who have no self-respect are often being laughed at, because they do not respect themselves and they simply can’t protect their dignity.

Such a person will never laugh at his friends who are in need. According to Wikipedia, if you want to develop your self-respect, there are some moments you should pay attention to. From this moment, you will be noticing positive aspects of each person and you will respect this person for his strong traits of character. Very often you may find such people crying, which once again proves the fact that this person is week and all he can do is to give up.

It is a feeling that gives us an understanding of your part in life, the ability to remain good person in any situation.

However, this feeling doesn’t appear from the moment you are born.As we progress we are taught various means of showing respect for our peers, seniors, instructor, flag and founder.Small technicalities in etiquette such as seating arrangements in a car in order of seniority, holding our cup with both hands slightly lower than our senior during a toast, and not letting the flag touch the ground may seem unimportant but in fact these are the very things which make us unique.Mind the boarders of the self-respect and do not be afraid to show that someone has stepped over the boarder.A person with correct understanding of self-respect will be successful in all spheres of life, as well as in achievements and relationships with the people who surround him, as well as with the whole world around him.Respect can mean many things; most commonly it refers to holding someone's thoughts, feelings and abilities in high esteem, giving them worth and importance, and taking them into serious consideration when making personal decisions.Giving someone your respect can also include being honest with them, listening to them and confiding in them.We can feel respect for someone and feel respected by someone.But because we can act in ways which do not resemble the way we truly feel, the feeling of respect is more important than the action without the feeling.As these sports do not have the same 'respect base' as martial arts such as Taekwon-Do, they rely solely on the control of the referee and his knowledge of the written rules.As soon as his authority is breached, the players have nothing to stop them.


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