Essay On Good And Bad Effects Of Technology

People are really busy these days, but they are not busy in business, personal, career or environmental development.Most of the population is communicating through mobile (chatting, sharing, liking) and they think it’s important for them to communicate and react.

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People are so much busy and they forget their practical side of life.

For example, I am communicating with you, but at the same time, I am busy on my mobile phone. For example, Thomas Edison failed 9999 times but never lost his focus, commitment, behavior, communication with people and invented the light bulb and so many other things after that.

But not all content that is viral influences society positively.

Everyone just forwards the messages without thinking about what will be its impact on the other person.

Today, people argue the positive, they even find and look for perfection and perfect idea instead of what they are getting. For example, there are thousands of videos on a single topic but no one is producing unique content except a few.

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Most communication is from trolls to make posts go viral.

We need to think about how many of us love to plant new trees? Today we are ready to communicate with almost anyone, and many of us do not have time to communicate because we are busy in our own lives and problems.

We don’t have time for others without meaning (money, reputation).

There are even newer topics to communicate the next day and we start looking for the next conclusions.

The use of technology in communication is increasing more concupiscence, anger, greed, fascination, and jealousy, it’s because the technology has created higher competition in the market, everyone is fighting with each other for career, business, income, and reputation. That’s leading to anger and stress in society for winning. Social Media content and many apps are producing vulgar content, far more than educational content.


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