Essay On Expectancy Theory Of Motivation

If management would treat the employees with respect and give them the attention at the work lace that they needed, then the workers would be more willing to work harder for the employer.The real solution was to have management get more involved with the workers.

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Essentially, in order for anyone to be motivational, the person to be motivated must want what is being offered and must believe he or she has a chance to earn what is being offered. A manager can be perfectly fair and equitable in these matters, but if the worker believes he or she is not capable of earning the reward, then it will not be motivational.

If a worker further believes that there is too much competition from their co-workers for the reward or that their coworkers are better qualified, this incentive will fail to motivate them.

When first beginning a career, money may be the main reason or working.

Another reason that behavioral management’s motivational techniques were not perfect was that some manager’s attempts at using behavioral techniques were so transparent that they were seen as being manipulative, and the attempts failed.

He also linked the concept of satisfaction into his model, maintaining that high performance leads to high rewards, which in turn lead to high levels of satisfaction.

Broom’s work is acknowledged as a valuable contribution in the fields of both management and psychology.

Managers may develop behavioral methods based on established systems, a system currently utilized by a boss, or a system that is forced by the workers.

Most workers wait to be motivated, which is not necessarily the best way to get what they want.

Mayo also identified a fundamental that seems obvious today, that workplaces are social environments and within them, people are motivated by much more than economic self-interest.

The behavioral theory did not, however, answer all the questions regarding motivation and humans at work.


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