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When citizens are relatively equal, politics has tended to be fairly democratic. The holder of so-called high public office is always merely an extension of the hated ruling corporate class. Jackson People think they have taken quite an extraordinarily bold step forward when they have rid themselves of belief in hereditary monarchy and swear by the democratic republic.When a few individuals hold enormous amounts of wealth, democracy suffers. Through campaign contributions, lobbying, influence over public discourse, and other means, wealth can be translated into political power. In reality, however, the state is nothing but a machine for the oppression of one class by another, and indeed in the democratic republic no less than in the monarchy.Such a government will have many supporters, for most persons would rather live in a disorderly than in a sober manner.~ Aristotle Economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.

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This is not to say we should allow people to be rude or offensive.

But these types of expressions should be dealt with by society, not by the state.

The freedom to speak is attached also to expressions which are rude, offensive, incoherent and even confusing.

But the restrictions must be reasonable and proportionate and must not render freedom of speech illusory or make it ineffective.

respect for the big number—expressed in the principles of equality for all, natural rights, and universal suffrage—is just as much a class‑ideal of the unclassed as freedom of public opinion (and more particularly freedom of the press) is so.

These are ideals, but in actuality the freedom of public opinion involves the preparation of public opinion, which costs money; and the freedom of the press brings with it the question of possession of the press, which again is a matter of money; and with the franchise comes electioneering, in which he who pays the piper calls the tune. There is no proletarian, not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by money—and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.~ Oswald Spengler The great ability of those who are in control in the modern world lies in making the people believe that they are governing themselves; and the people are the more inclined to believe this as they are flattered by it.~ René Guénon The more general causes which tend to destroy this or other kinds of government have been pretty fully considered.A democratic government must realise that criticism and condemnation are part and parcel of democracy, and tolerate dissent and opposition.If not, then such a state will only be a democracy in name but not in practice nor in spirit.Many people assume that democracy is limited to voting every five years. Even after elections, even after governments are formed, citizens still have a say in the country.They assume that once voting has taken place and a government is formed, that is the end of democracy until the next general election. They must be allowed to put forth their views even after they have casts their votes.~ Noam Chomsky The public, therefore, among a democratic people, has a singular power, which aristocratic nations cannot conceive; for it does not persuade others to its beliefs, but it imposes them and makes them permeate the thinking of everyone by a sort of enormous pressure of the mind of all upon the individual intelligence.~ Alexis de Tocqueville Human affairs have scarcely ever been so happily constituted as that the better course pleased the greater number.It is not only freedom to speak that should be protected. It is about the government’s assurance that it will not take action after a citizen has opened his or her mouth.Freedom of speech and expression does not only mean that a citizen can say things in an articulate, coherent or respectful manner.but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy.~ Martin Gilens and Benjamin I.Page While the US pays lip service to democracy, the real commitment is to "private, capitalist enterprise." When the rights of investors are threatened, democracy has to go; if these rights are safeguarded, killers and torturers will do just fine.


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