Essay On Deterioration Of Values In Present Day Education

Essay On Deterioration Of Values In Present Day Education-52
Many political, economic and technical changes are taking place in the country at different intervals, but the education in general and secondary education in particular is unable to keep pace with the changing limes.Though steps have been taken at the later stage to introduce diversified curriculum at the secondary stage yet the difficulty lies in relating it to the real and practical life of the child and his environments.The problem requires proper solution and immediate measures should be taken to produce such young person’s as might prove ideal future citizens of the country in all respects.

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Neither the students nor the teachers are very much serious in fulfilling these aims.

Hence it is of primary importance that the teachers must realize the supreme and magnitude of those aims at the time of imparting instruction to the students, lest everything will be fruitless.

The recent trend is to give the curriculum vocational and scientific bias by introducing certain vocational and technical subjects, so that the students should be encouraged and trained to choose subjects according to their ability, interest and aptitude.

Nearly 82% of the population of India lives in rural areas.

Each secondary school should be well-equipped with regard to teachers and instructional materials in order to maintain the standard and quality. Therefore, in the expansion of secondary education proper correlation between enrolment and standard should be maintained.

Adequate scholarship facilities should exist for poor but meritorious students.

As much emphasis is given on the external examination, the students follow the curriculum mechanically without curiosity, understanding or appreciation, as the immediate aim is to get through the examination and be admitted to higher class.

Various commissions pointed out the defects of the curriculum at different times but the problem has not been tackled radically.

Since the introduction of the compulsory education the enrolment at the elementary level of education has increased to a considerable extent.

As a result of this, the number of students reading in high schools has been enormously increasing.


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