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Whether that's a shallow device or an excusable tradition can be debated (and has been, endlessly).And not all versions cast the sisters as ugly--the movie Ever After has a pretty blond as the more wicked of the two step-sisters.Then there's Tepper's interpretation in Beauty, where Ella is an enchanting beauty but also cruel and merciless.

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" level of Veronica's theory, which, if true, would be beneath the character's generous nature-- No matter how the playwright or screenwriter feels about Cindy's situation, her own sense of virtue wants to give her step-siblings the benefit of considering them as "family", and she is mistreated as a reward.

At some heart of the story, the focus is on "When bad things happen to good people".

The pantomime's handsome prince is usually a gender-bender too.

Your One True Way behaviour on this board is beginning to make you appear foolish to say the least.

As a result, the birds help Cindy at every point, and she mysteriously finds the dress and other strategically useful accoutrements in the trees. Suggesting that "earning" help is slightly better than being handed it out of the blue-- And that perhaps Image Actually, I think that looking at the story as only a make-over is a very shallow reading.

But I also think that this reading is what makes Cinderella popular right now.Reena: For your question about the tale now I suggest you read the retelling called "Ugly Sister" in Joanne Harries short story collection "Jigs and Reels".The pantomime's handsome prince is usually a gender-bender too.--Eg.And Derek, who pointed out the theme "when bad things happen to good people." Could part of the story's popularity be attributed to America considering itself the 'land of opportunity'?Years of immigrant success stories have given the rags-to-riches plot a special sheen, with Perrault's version being the least bloody to hand out to children.As I understand it, the story originated with an oriental version.I've seen a movie version where a tree growing over a mother's grave replaced the fairy godmother.Specifically looking for answers to: - What do you think the reasons are that Cinderella is extremely popular today? in Perrault it says the Stepsisters were 'ugly'..." "Vain", yes, "wicked" possibly, and the most physical description we get is that the sisters "couldn't compare" to Cindy, but that's too relative a term-- And yet the tradition of portraying them as gawky, self-deluding buffoons (just to make them more "hatable" and Cindy more "sympathetic") goes back a few hundred years, even to the point of having them played by men in the operas and ballets. The "Similar Tales Across Cultures" link on the annotated Cinderella page on the Sur La Lune site is a good place to start.- how relevant is Cinderella to everyday life in the twenty first century? But if you take the text as written, and consider the Stepsisters as possibly rich Alpha supermodel divas (and who of us hate those? If the tale were a makeover story about shallow appearances and having the right shoes, they would still obviously have the advantage, but as we see, they don't... If you're working with children's lit., you might want to check out Margaret Read Mc Donald's .Hiya, I'm currently writing my dissertation on the meaning and importance of fairytales in society by examining the specific case study of Cinderella!Wondered if anyone has got any suggestions or general comments on Cinderella?


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